Akad Nikah & Green Reception: Nora & Along

Photographers: Grace & Johan
Location: Nora’s home & JW Marriott, KL
Hair & Make Up: Khir Khalid
Nora’s Nikah Outfit: Sapto
Nora’s Dinner Outfit: Didit Hediprasetyo
Flowers & Decorations: The Occasions
Stationery: Emma K
Videography: Leonard Hon
Entertainment: Tirta Sari Gamelan

There’s just so much to love about this wedding. I am absolutely thrilled whenever I walk into a wedding and see lots of delicious details that beg to be photographed. Add to that equation two really talented, arty and creative people – Nora & Along, and also all of Nora’s friends who were from Parsons School of Design, New York, (especially those who contributed so much to the wedding day)… everything turned out just perfect. Tears flowed freely during the dinner reception. It was really obvious that Nora & Along are deeply loved by their family and friends.

Some time back, Johan photographed Nora & Along’s engagement ceremony, and a few months later, we were there to photograph their wedding day. Thank you, Nora & Along, for this opportunity to document important moments on your wedding day.

To start off the post, I’d like to point out these lovely invitation cards that were designed by the talented Emma K, who is also Nora’s sister.

It pays to have designer friends. Nora’s nikah gown was designed by her friend Sapto. Gorgeous details!

Look at the details at the back!

Looking at someone’s room can tell you so much about that person. I love Nora’s little wall, filled with important little things. And Along’s toys are cute!

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Fahrizal & Shirah’s Royal Wedding

Photographers: Grace, Johan, Weiming & Ben
Bride’s Wedding Gown (akad nikah): Wan Zakaria
Bride & Groom’s dinner attire: Calvin Thoo
Make Up: Eric (akad nikah) & Naseeb (dinner)
Cake (nikah): Truly Scrumptious
Videography: RF Media
Dinner Entertainment: Orkestra RTM
Dinner Reception: Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

When Shirah first approached me to enquire about our wedding photography services, it never crossed my mind that I would be photographing my first royalty group photo a few months later. We had a good conversation then… she told me she teaches French in Sri Cempaka school, which amazed me! It was only on her wedding day that I realized she had a YM in front of her name. :)

Fahrizal & Shirah’s story began during their university days in London 9 years ago. They were on different paths of their lives and even though they didn’t show any interest in each other at the time, there was always an underlying chemistry between them.

Here’s Fahrizal & Shirah’s story from her perspective:

After graduating and moving back to KL, we became closer and eventually started dating in 2006. Back and forth dating for over four years and at the end of 2010 we decided it was the right time to get married. Our families were eager for us to be married quickly hence only 5 months preparation till the wedding day in May 2011!

I couldn’t be more delighted with the way the wedding ceremony and reception went – a complete success despite the typical unplanned and last minute difficulties a wedding presents, such as rain! Grace, Johan and the rest of the Stories team were so great in accomodating all of these issues and were incredibly professional in dealing with all the formalities and protocol. The sneak peeks of the photos have been beautiful and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a  fun, happy and eager photographer who knows what they’re doing to hire Grace and her team!

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Adam & Dalilah’s Engagement

Photographer: Grace
Make Up: Khir Khalid
Dalilah’s Gown: Syaiful Baharim
Decorations & Flowers: Flora Etc

They have known each other since they were 12. From Form 1 till Form 3, Adam and Dalilah were in the same class at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur. They were never really close friends but they always had a thing for each other throughout secondary school. Their relationship became official at the end of Form 5. And with all teenage romances, there were some difficult moments. A few months into their relationship, Dalilah had to leave Malaysia for boarding school in England to pursue her A Levels.

But love perseveres. They survived the long distance relationship, and a few years later, Adam followed Dalilah to England to complete their undergraduate degrees in University of Nottingham.

Now, they are engaged.

The ‘secret’ room where Dalilah would wait for her future mother-in-law to sarung cincin (place the engagement ring) on her.

The beautifully decorated hantaran (gifts). You can’t tell by looking at these photos, but the cake in the middle is REALLY heavy! And it’s not just the silver tray that is heavy! Dalilah’s friends who were the dulang bearers tried lifting it…and so did I… it was at least 5-6kg I think! Oh, and don’t you love the colourful macaroons on the right?

Congratulations, Adam and Dalilah! Looking forward to your wedding in a few month’s time!

Nathan & Ayu: Berlulut

Photographers: Grace & Mark
Location: The Westin, Langkawi

This has got to be the wedding of the year! I have so many beautiful photos to show from this wedding that it has to span across 3 blog posts! This is the 2nd part to Nathan and Ayu’s wedding. After the akad nikah in KL, we headed for the sandy white beaches of Langkawi. Specifically, the Westin, Langkawi. When I first found out that Nathan and Ayu wanted a berlulut event, I wasn’t quite sure what it was! Later, I discovered that it just meant ‘changing of outfits’. In other words, we had a portrait session with beautiful costumes!

Ayu’s mother had requested that they did this, and boy, was I happy! Don’t you think The Westin at Langkawi made a gorgeous backdrop for these images? The image below was taken from the 5 bedroom villa (with its own private pool!).

We started off with the traditional Iban costume from East Malaysia. This is so apt for Ayu as she is from Kuching. Even though Ayu does not have an Iban heritage, she used to dance the traditional Iban dance when she was in school. By the way, I never realized how tough it was to make the headgear stay!

This is what happens when East meets West… it’s a dance of two cultures.

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Nathan & Ayu: Akad Nikah

Photographers: Grace & Johan, assisted by Weiming

I am still reeling from the excitement of this wedding. From the beautiful akad nikah in the heart of KL to the spectacular beaches of Langkawi, Nathan and Ayu’s wedding was definitely a memorable one. Our relationship started over the phone when Nathan called me months ago to make a booking for their wedding. A year ago, I had photographed Amy and Stuart’s wedding, where Nathan and Ayu were guests. They loved our photos from Amy and Stuart’s wedding, so with a phone call, we were booked for their wedding! Some time after that, I met Nathan and Ayu at their condo in the heart of KL… with the gorgeous view of KLCC from their living room!

They struck me as a very friendly couple. Instantly, I knew that Nathan is a really organized person… because he gave me their wedding program months before the actual wedding day!

Nathan first laid eyes on Ayu on his first day at work in May 2008. He had traveled halfway across the world from UK to work in Malaysia. She was assisting his manager giving the onboarding briefing for new staff. He thought she was gorgeous… but little did he know, that she thought the same of him that day! Months passed by… and their work relationship changed to a more casual one when they started playing futsal together a couple of times. That August, Ayu asked Nathan out casually as he wanted to experience the youth clubbing scene in KL.

The 8th of August 2008 was the starting point of their courtship… and eventually, their love for each other grew deeper and stronger till it led to Nathan’s proposal to Ayu on Valentine’s day 2010 in Krabi.

I have heaps of photos to share from this wedding, so it’ll have to be spread across a few blog posts! The first part is the akad nikah or Muslim solemnization ceremony in KL. By the way, you have to watch their slideshow at the end of this post. The music chosen by Nathan and Ayu works so beautifully with the images!

The groomsmen flew in all the way from UK to attend the wedding. I love how everyone got dressed in the same baju Melayu.

Ayu on the left looking so gorgeous… and Nathan looking smashing too!

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