My First Mother’s Day!

What a thrill it is to celebrate my first Mother’s Day! I know now what it feels like to have a child of my own. Everyday, I give thanks to God for this little miracle of life that He has given to me. Everything about Krysta seems perfect to me… from her amazing hairdo that everyone talks about to her cute pudgy little legs… she is priceless. Deep down, I know that I’ll be willing to sacrifice anything for my little girl. Before I became a mum, I used to think that most mothers can be a little ‘overbearing’ and obsessed when it comes to their kids.

But now that I am one…

Yes, I have a confession to make. I am now an overbearing and obsessed mum! Especially when it comes to recording moments of her life as she grows. And wow, they grow so quickly! Tomorrow, Krysta turns 5 months old and I look forward to many more years as her mum. I hope I can be the kind of mum that she thinks is cool to hang out with, and one that she can share everything with.

Krysta, I love you to bits. Just cuddling you in my arms as you lay your head to rest makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Let’s go through life’s many adventures together with your dad, and future siblings! There’s so much of the world to see!



*Krysta as a newborn – photo by Asther Lau


* Krysta as a 4 month old. By the way, I realize I have a new skill now as a mum-photographer – I can juggle from looking at the camera’s viewfinder, to giving eye contact over the lens!


Being a working mom

Ever since I delivered baby Krysta mid December, I have discovered the joys of motherhood. Everyday, my heart swells with even more love for this cute little baby of mine, especially so when she looks adoringly into my eyes and coos in her baby language telling me all sorts of things that happened in that day. Six diaper changes, lots of good yummy milk, and recently… her first overseas trip to Krabi, at 2 months old! While I was out shooting, Alex, my husband, was the baby sitter to Krysta!

* Krysta’s newborn photos, when she was 14 days old. 

Though I have tried to stay away from work and enjoy my maternity leave, I realized I can’t ‘stay’ still… in fact, I didn’t really observe most of the confinement practices (to the horror of some people). By the first week of her birth, after the C-section, I was up and about, attending Christmas events and even brought her for a theatre production at church. While on maternity leave, I was still replying work emails, meeting up with potential clients, skyping, and blogging. I now completely understand how difficult it is for working moms to balance between working at home and taking care of a child. All I can say is… thank God for the help of my maid, and the pacifier!

Now that I have officially starting working and shooting, I hope that the transition is not too difficult. I am a little concerned about being away from her for some of my outstation shoot jobs, especially since I am still breastfeeding, but I guess I’ll jump over that hurdle once I get to it.

* Krysta looking really happy at getting her very first ang pau for Chinese New Year!

I know the blog has been silent for 2 weeks, so here’s a teaser image from the recent pre-wedding session at Krabi, Thailand for Nicholas and Lina… my first client after delivery! More to come later!


Newborn: Julia

Since I am heading off for a newborn portrait shoot soon, I thought I’d share a few from another session I did some time back. I met Joanne and Anderson at our Stories booth in a Pitter Patter event and within a few minutes of chatting with them, they booked our services. I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with their son Joshua too… he’s super adorable (and talented too… he can play the guitar and drums at such a young age!).

Here are some of my favourites from their session.

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Family Portraits: Keryn & the boys

Photographer: Grace

I love boys with character. So much so I married one with a huge personality! But sad to say, Alex is not the only one who has captured my heart. Every now and then I meet other boys who are simply irresistible. Such as the ones below, Ethan and Lucas. I am sorry to inform you, Alex that there are other boys cuter than you…

The other thing that make these boys so adorable are the rosy cheeks. It must be the weather in Australia where they live. Lucas is only 2 months old, and this was his first photo shoot.

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