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Divya & her colourful family

Divya describes her family as colour to a white canvas. They wanted this photo session done with the immediate family as 2016 is such a significant milestone for them as a family.

Divya says: My mom and dad only had two girls. My sister Sandy (that’s what we call her) got married first and my parents were elated to have a son in the family. So technically my brother in law Rohen is the apple of the family. They then had a daughter, Maya, who was the sole grandchild for a good 4 years. She continues to remain as the princess of our family.

I got married last year and my parents got another Son in the family. My sister and I now jokingly complaint that our husbands have become more important to my parents than we are! (It may not be a joke… it actually may be the truth!.. lol) My dad was over the moon to have two sons on his camp as he has always been surrounded by my mom, sis and me who have talked his hair off his head :)

2016 was an eventful year for my parents they went from being grandparents to one little princes to having 3 additions to the family. AND all three were BOYS! of course you can imagine the excitement! We want to be able to capture that transition from just the 4 of us mom, dad, my sister and me to the whole lot of us now… our characters pretty much speak for itself. As a family we may seem loud (but aren’t all families?) and we love just being us. With the kids and us it can be a riot but it is what makes us who we are.

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Twins and a Cake Smashing Session

Collin and Casper are twins who are as different as night is from day. Collin is very attentive, loves games, looks pretty serious and more quiet compared to Casper. Casper, on the other hand, is so playful, he can’t keep still for a few seconds! He has a cheeky smile and likes to act cute! But on the day of our shoot, the twins were just recovering from the flu bug. Despite that, I am glad that I managed to get cheeky shots of Collin and Casper. We started off the day at the Botanical Gardens (a little challenging with the hoards of people there and the humid Singaporean weather!). Then thankfully, we moved back into an air-conditioned environment at the suite of St Regis, Singapore. It was such a lovely place that we had to explore every corner, including the gigantic bath tub!

Lastly, we had an extremely successful cake smashing session for their birthday (the actual birthday cake was safe). It was my pleasure photographing my childhood friend, Patricia’s family. We have come a long way from playing with Barbie dolls in Malacca. May your beautiful family continue to grow!

20160416-COLLIN_CASPER_ONE-233 “Oh my brother gives me a headache!”

20160416-COLLIN_CASPER_ONE-09520160416-COLLIN_CASPER_ONE-072Collin on the left and Casper on the right

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Newborn Twins: Akash & Isha

It was a huge milestone in her life. She turned 40, was pregnant with twins and about to embark on the wonderful journey called parenthood. When Akash and Isha were born, Li-Hsian left her high-flying job in corporate communications to be a full-time mum. I personally think a full-time mum’s role is even more challenging than any corporate job out there! (especially when you have twins!). Li-Hsian now writes for this really cool online mother’s portal for urban Malaysian mothers called Makchic. Here’s one of her articles on how to survive breastfeeding twins!

I was privileged to record two very important moments in Li-Hsian’s journey of life… her maternity images and family photos after the twins were born. They are now about 3 months old and are developing really well (I love how they’ve filled up with chubby cheeks!). Li-Hsian and Srihari, thank you for sharing your life with me. I hope we’ll be able to do more photos with the twins when they are a little older!


Isha and Akash about a week after they were born. Babies change so quickly, it’s so easy to forget how they looked like when they were born. Akash says, “What’s up, sistah!”


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Family Portraits: Dr Tan & Dr Helena

How apt that little Bernadette would be holding a book called “God Made”, when it is so obvious that God put His love and perfection into creating this little bundle of joy. Her twin brother, Benjamin, and older sister, Brigitte are equally precious creations in God’s eyes.

Dr Helena and Dr Tan are both gynaecologists – and they are such a warm couple. I got to know Dr Helena through Pitter Patter, an online pregnancy guide for women. I have done a number of maternity shoots with Pitter Patter, and after a few months, Dr Helena said “I’d love to have you photograph my family too!”

If you ever get to meet Dr Helena, you will instantly feel a connection and warmth that radiates from her. She smiles and laughs a LOT – which I am sure makes all the first-time pregnant mummies all comfy and less nervous! She is personable, and even has time to comment on my photos on Facebook! Hahaha…I always thought a doctor’s schedule is really hectic!

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Jek & Alice’s Adorable Twins

Jek has been Alex’s school friend, colleague and then now business partner for many years. And so it gives me much joy to be able to photograph his new-born twins (now a few months old already!) at his parent’s home in KL. And of course, the parents joined in too! The location was just so beautiful, I didn’t think I was in Malaysia at all! These are a few of my favourite shots. Jek is a photographer too, slowly getting sucked into this whole money grabbing hobby! :) I really had a great time that day, Jek! Your girls (all 3 of them!) are really beautiful. Hope you like the photos.

Lovely flares! In old school photography books, flares are a no-no!

Definitely my favourite shot of the lot!! So cute!

What do you know? My first nude portraits.