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Amanda, Ivan & The Pang Family

Climbing over fences. Water bomb parties. Watching movies. Eating Mamee snacks. Silly school theatre productions. Watching Oliver the musical. Literary & Debating Club activities.

Some great childhood memories just last a long time. And some great friends last a lifetime. Even though you might only see each other once every few months, or once a year…it doesn’t matter, because every time you get together, it feels like old times again. Amanda is one of those childhood friends who totally fit the bill. Since our primary school days to secondary school and onwards… we grew up together, saw each other through the ugly years (when I still had braces!) and through all the hardships a teenager would normally go through.

Mance, thanks for all the fun memories from our days in Malacca… I wish I could be there on your wedding day, but unfortunately, that date has been booked by another client months ago. I am glad that I managed to photograph your family portraits and some casual shots of you and Ivan though! Nice meeting Ivan for the first time, but we definitely have to sit down for a proper chat over a meal soon! Maybe after your wedding?

Hope you like the photos and slideshow!

[flv:http://www.stories.my/wp-content/uploads/2011/slideshows/amanda-ivan.mp4 http://www.stories.my/wp-content/uploads/2011/slideshows/amanda-ivan.jpg 704 400]

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Love is in the Air: Aaron & Chrystin’s pre-wedding

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Weiming
Location: UPM, Bangi
Make up: G Fauziah Ismail
Production Design: Kenneth Fong & Jackee Chong from Squarefeet Studio

Aaron & Chrystin’s pre-wedding photo session was so well thought out and detailed, they immediately made it to my ‘Top 5 most prepared bride & groom’ list (next to Jamie & Ann, Alvin & MelissaKenny & PC and Kevin & Katherine – to be blogged after their wedding). I was really amused when Chrystin emailed me a detailed list of what props she would bring, the colour theme of the shoot (CMYK), and other important details like Chrystin’s right side of the face look better sometimes. I hope you’re not embarrassed about this, Chrystin, but I do think it’s great that the both of you are super detailed and communicate these things to me.

Both Aaron & Chrystin work in the creative line (Aaron is a freelance graphic designer with his own t-shirt brand Individium, whereas Chrystin is a multimedia executive). I got to know the both of them some time back when we were all involved in a media conference called Charge Up, organized by LiveWire Media. Aaron & Chrystin are really talented individuals, and it wasn’t a surprise that they planned their pre-wedding shoot to be so graphically interesting. Everything was done with excellence in mind, and it showed in the end. But of course, it couldn’t have been done without the help of their good friends Jackee Chong & Kenneth Fong (a behind the scenes video will be posted soon!).

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Pre-Wedding: Han How & Lydia

Photographer: Grace
Make up & Hair: Shinny Ong
Location: UPM, Selangor

In a month’s time, Han How will be tying the knot with Lydia. And what a beautiful day it will be, I am sure of it. I’m definitely looking forward to that big day! Years ago, I got to know Han How when we were working together in the same company. Han How’s the kind of guy you can’t miss. His smile and laughter is so infectious, soon, you’ll be smiling along with him. He’s such an easygoing guy, always willing to go out of his way to help others. I am sure Lydia fell in love with those qualities too. And the fact that he can play the guitar and sing well!

This scene below looks surreal, I know, but I promise you the clouds are real. This was the weather just before the storm started…

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Pre-Wedding: Derrick & Wan Leng

Photographer: Grace
Make up & hair: Sharon from Wedding Isle
Bridal Gown: Pretty in White
Evening Gown: Red Lantern Studio
Location: Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Love, like wine, should get better with age. It should be savoured bit by bit and with every sip, cherished.

Even though Wan Leng has been together with Derrick for almost a decade, just like aged wine, their love tastes sweeter and better than ever. When she first met him, she thought that he was kind of cute; if there was Facebook back then, she would have clicked “LIKE” immediately. After Wan Leng’s first encounter with Derrick, she could not stop thinking about him… and now, a decade later, she still can’t stop thinking about him!

The feeling was mutual, because when Derrick first saw Wan Leng, he thought that she was attractive beyond words yet she had this aura of mystery that made him want to know her more. They met at a social function and since then their friendship blossomed through different modes of communication.

Derrick: “Usually my first impressions of a person are spot on, and my first impression of her was that she had a special inner & outer beauty bottled into one. Although the first impression counts for something, I believe that lasting impression is above all, and I hope to give her the best lasting impression a man could ever give.”

Wan Leng: “Sometimes I still can’t believe that I ended up with him and *gasp* I’m getting married to him! :) And I’m very excited!”

I’m excited for the both of you too!

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