Christina + Chee Su, The Hague, Netherlands

I’ve known Chee Su’s sister Choon Ean for years. Not only have we worked together on various projects but we’ve also traveled to numerous countries together (eg. Nepal, Myanmar etc) sharing the same room for weeks! Choon Ean is a really amazing person and an excellent videographer, shooting with the Wedding Story team for various weddings. So I felt totally comfortable being around her and Chee Su’s family. Then when I met Christina and her family, they made me feel like family too! The entire Ouwerkerk family is just hilarious and they crack me up with their jokes and cute little antics.

The wedding was full of drama, emotions, smiles, tears and laughter. I have so much to give thanks for. Firstly, I was completely relieved that I had recovered from my flu by the time the wedding rolled around. Secondly, I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to shoot in the Netherlands, 13 hours by flight away from Malaysia. And thirdly, for the beautiful people who were there that day – they made my photos shine with their warm smiles.

The day started with beautiful sunshine. Christina woke up, went to the hairdressers, and then came home to do her own wedding make up! Apparently it’s very normal for people in Holland to do their own make up, since make up artists are few and also very expensive. The wedding ring shot was taken in Christina’s back yard. Can you believe they have a grape vine in their backyard?



Christina loves butterflies. I found some in her garden. :) And also this bouquet was done by Christina! How amazing is that! Even the decorations at the church was done by her and the entire family.


They were all smiles when they met that morning.


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Langkawi Portraiture Shoot

I am so excited to share this set of photos. They are special because it features really really cool people from the wedding industry. People whom I work with, and people I admire. Ever since meeting Kee Sitt, Sharon, Mark and Ian, the colours of my life has doubled drastically. Not to forget, Alex too! They add so much fun to my life, and I truly cherish the friendships that have been built over this one year. They have challenged me in my art, my thinking, how to run my business, marketing it, to creating wacky ideas and then executing it.

Through these relationships, I’m glad to have known Mun Tzin and Lai Yeen too. Thank you for being so generous with your love and support. We took so many lovely shots that day, it was hard choosing favourites. These are my personal favs from the collection. Photos were taken by Mark, Ian, Kee Sitt, Alex and myself. Unfortunately 2 other people could not be with us on this trip as they were overseas – Choon Ean & Chua who are part of the video team.

First up… Kee Sitt and Sharon!




2nd: Mark & Mun Tzin. I love this shot of Mun Tzin.


20090725_WS_LANGKAWI_RETREAT_146.jpg 20090725_WS_LANGKAWI_RETREAT_498.jpg

Yummy flares! And these next 2 shots are just soooo like Mark & Mun Tzin.

20090725_WS_LANGKAWI_RETREAT_218.jpg 20090725_WS_LANGKAWI_RETREAT_219.jpg

They have extra photos featured here since they are getting married next year! :)


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Jack & LeAnne in Syuen Hotel, Ipoh

Not too long ago, I posted a blog entry about Jack and LeAnne, and their pre-wedding shoot in Putrajaya. Well, they are now married! I haven’t been to Ipoh for a while, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to shoot their wedding in Ipoh. Both Jack and LeAnne were really hospitable, and they made sure that I was comfortable at all times. Both Alex and I felt really at home and touched by their thoughtfulness! Wishing the both of you years and years of happiness ahead!


Trying a new style of post-processing.

20090627_WEDDING_JACK_LEANNE_0030.jpg 20090627-wedding-jack-leanne-0065.jpg

I love the way how LeAnne looks so serene here.


Oh and the shoes!



20090627_WEDDING_JACK_LEANNE_0095.jpg 20090627-wedding-jack-leanne-1061.jpg

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Amri & Daphne, Akad Nikah

The akad nikah was held in their apartment with a small group comprising family and close friends. It was really sweet and simple and extremely personal. Amri and Daphne decorated their bedroom so well, with rose petals all over the bed. I had a great time photographing their wedding, and also getting to know their family and friends. I love it when I get to interact with the couple and also their family members. Thank you for the privilege!







20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_078.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_173.jpg






20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_400.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_390.jpg



After the akad nikah, we had a short tea ceremony.

20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_463.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_467.jpg





After lunch, we proceeded to Hyatt Saujana for some portraits in the garden.

20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_576.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_584.jpg

20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_603.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_607.jpg



Warren and Amy Weds! Part 2

After the ceremony we took some portraits before the sun sets. I always recommend setting aside 45 mins to an hour to get these type of shots on your wedding day. Just a short time alone from all the crowd, just the both of you.


20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1594.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1616.jpg





20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1611.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1607.jpg

The dinner reception started not too long after the ceremony ended. They had a really neat idea of taking polaroid shots of their guests and then sticking the photos in a guest book where the guests would sign next to it. Their polaroid photographer was pretty good at posing himself!

20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1725.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1726.jpg




Senior pastor of DUMC, Pastor Daniel said grace before dinner started.



Amy’s dad gave a really good speech!

20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_2100.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1917.jpg

Another great speech by Warren’s dad. His sisters were excellent emcees.

20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1886.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1820.jpg

The best men…


The highlight of the night was when Amy and her dad performed a duet. They both sang extremely well!


There were lots and lots of singing that night. Definitely a talented family!


If these photos aren’t enough to whet your appetite, view another 100 or so photos here in this slideshow. Runs for 10 minutes. Enjoy!