Malay Weddings

Along & Nora’s Engagement

Photographer: Johan
Make Up: Khir Khalid
Decorations & Flowers: Flora Etc
Stationery: Emma K

If you ever have been to Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop in Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang, you might have seen Nora before. Or her entire family, for that matter. Nora and her sister Emma are frequently seen at the counter, as the quaint little cafe belongs to their family. It’s really hard work and time consuming running a cafe like this, because they do everything from baking the cakes themselves to serving customers at the shop.

But Nora found time to get herself engaged. And on the wonderful evening of the 10th of October (she told me that she doesn’t like the date 10.10.10… I wonder who selected the engagement date), Nora was engaged to Along.

The engagement ceremony was held in Nora’s beautiful home – I love how the home is lit up with all these candles. As I was in Singapore on the same date photographing someone else, Johan was at Nora’s home taking all the shots you see below.

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Raezal + Asyura

Photographers: Johan & Mark
Venue: Shangri-la, Kuala Lumpur
Wedding Gown Boutique: Cosry
Groom’s Attire: Wardrobe
Make Up: Su Cantik
Videography: Luey Motion Lab

Hi, it’s Johan here…this is my first blog post on the Stories blog. I prefer to just post photos than write, but Grace made me! Anyhow, we were introduced to Raezal and Asyura by Nori Abdullah. During the discussion, we noticed things like instead of having a flower hand-bouquet, the bride was going to make the grand entrance holding a Japanese fan. From the word go, we knew that this was not going to be a typical Malay Wedding reception.

And boy, we were to be not disappointed.

From the cute origami cranes to the unique “merenjis” ceremony on the “pelamin” to the Japanese style wishing tree, it was such a colorful affair.

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The Ring Collection

Over the years, I have collected a series of ring shots from various weddings & engagements that I have shot. As with every wedding, each ring has a story to tell. At each wedding, I try to think of how to shoot the rings differently. I have a whole set of video shots of rings too, which I might share in the future. That is even more funky and creative because you get to play with motion! Hope you’ll enjoy this collection and do share which one is your personal favourite!

Amri & Daphne, Akad Nikah

The akad nikah was held in their apartment with a small group comprising family and close friends. It was really sweet and simple and extremely personal. Amri and Daphne decorated their bedroom so well, with rose petals all over the bed. I had a great time photographing their wedding, and also getting to know their family and friends. I love it when I get to interact with the couple and also their family members. Thank you for the privilege!







20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_078.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_173.jpg






20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_400.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_390.jpg



After the akad nikah, we had a short tea ceremony.

20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_463.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_467.jpg





After lunch, we proceeded to Hyatt Saujana for some portraits in the garden.

20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_576.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_584.jpg

20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_603.jpg 20090530_WEDDING_AMRI_DAPHNE_607.jpg