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Garden Wedding at Saujana: Si Howe & Joanne

20141220_WEDDING_SIHOWE_JOANNE_322I must say, Si Howe and Joanne’s description of each other beats anything I have ever read before!

Si Howe:
Si Howe is loud, Joanne is quiet.
We are both from Ipoh. Yeay!
Si Howe loves to eat, Joanne eats mainly to survive. She is learning to enjoy a larger variety of food.
Joanne loves sleepy weekends spent in the house.
Joanne shops for therapy.
Both father’s are known as KH. So KH’s son married KH’s daughter.
Si Howe always the youngest suddenly has 3 younger siblings (in law).
Joanne always the eldest suddenly has 2 older siblings and one niece. (in law).


Si Howe is gregarious and loves being at the centre of attention. Joanne likes watching by the sidelines.
Si Howe enjoys watching sports on TV and Joanne like reality TV shows (erm.. like the Kardashians. Hehe)
Si Howe has good motor skills and loves competitive sports. Joanne has very bad hand eye coordination and cannot play a sport to save her life. Hence, she does yoga.
Si Howe observes the details. Joanne is a daydreamer and gets lost in her own thoughts…
Si Howe loves cars! Joanne just needs a working air con and a radio.
Si Howe is a tech geek and has a 3G watch, Bluetooth headset, Microsoft surface, etc. Joanne has never downloaded an MP3 in her life. (though Si Howe claims that he is not ENTIRELY a tech geek – he does listen to LP’s on a record player!)

20141220_WEDDING_SIHOWE_JOANNE_002You might have seen Si Howe and Joanne’s Ipoh wedding photos before, so here’s the promised blog post about their other wedding ceremony – the garden exchange of vows at Saujana. This time, the event was photographed by Nigel and Ben. It was very much an emotional ceremony for all.  Continue Reading

Wedding at North Border, Singapore: Sunil & Belinda

20140830_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_SINGAPORE_475It was a rainy evening, and Belinda had just dropped off her brother at the airport in Singapore. As part of her habit, she headed over to her favourite bar of 10 years… Wala Wala, with her best friend Samantha. The bar was crowded as usual, but by chance, Sunil and his friends had 2 seats at their table, and so, out of courtesy (and maybe because these girls were cute!), they offered those seats to them. Striking a conversation was natural, and by the end of the night, Sunil and Belinda had hit it off and even arranged a first date for the next day.

Love at first sight does exist. For Sunil, anyway. During that date, they discovered they both love the same kind of music and band. Belinda bought Sunil 2 double shot Macallan 15 after losing some bets, which totally impressed him! Needless to say, Sunil gave Belinda a lot of attention that evening.

For their second date the very next day, Sunil brought Belinda to Prive (a romantic restaurant by the water), and they had a great time chatting for a good 3 hours. The relationship grew, and soon, they had already dated for 7 months as a couple.

20140830_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_SINGAPORE_525Sunil ALWAYS makes Belinda laugh, he always smells good and he can cook. They say, food is a way to a man’s stomach, but it also works for women! Sunil is always feeding Belinda, which she doesn’t complain about! What she loves most about him is that he is extremely filial, calls home everyday and truly cares for his family and friends. He’s always optimistic, genuine and independent. According to Belinda… “I know he will willingly go hungry just so I can be filled! (a metaphor of course)”. Ultimately, he always wants to make her happy.

Sunil proposed to Belinda in Spain early Feb this year, in the oldest restaurant in the world – Botin, after many jugs of Sangria. He took out the ring from his pocket and asked “yes or no?”

Belinda told us… “Would have said no since there’s no kneeling down or flowers or proper question. But I saw the size of the diamond. =) (just kidding)!”

20140830_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_SINGAPORE_671 Continue Reading

Garden Hindu Wedding, Rasa Sayang, Penang: David & Nandini

Amidst lush, majestic and mature trees just alongside the Batu Feringgi beach, David and Nandini were wed at the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang. The garden was beautifully decorated for their Hindu wedding ceremony, and all their guests came in traditional Indian attire. It was a tropical treat for David and Nandini’s guests from Ireland, who basked in the sun, witnessed a meaningful wedding ceremony, and enjoyed delicious Indian cuisine. Both Weiming and I were really blessed to have such thoughtful clients who really looked out for our best interests. Even Nandini’s mum made sure I was well fed since I was well into my 2nd trimester of pregnancy by then!

20140711_WEDDING_DAVID_NANDINI_012020140711_WEDDING_DAVID_NANDINI_0703 Continue Reading

Lovin’ You Like Coffee in the Morning: Chee Kiang & Jolene

A wedding that had a lot of heart and planning in it. From her Pinterest boards to frequent discussions with friends…Jolene gave her all as she planned her wedding. I loved the many DIY details that were present at her wedding and the coffee theme that was very strong (pun intended!) at the dinner reception. People who are coffee lovers know that people who love coffee group together like a cult. It was great that they even had a booth to serve cappuccino and lattes during the cocktail session before dinner.

The outdoor wedding ceremony was held at Holiday Inn Glenmarie. About an hour or so before the wedding was supposed to start, it poured. Even though the wedding set up was shielded under a gazebo, still, the rain poured in through the sides. But Chee Kiang and Jolene didn’t panic. It all turned out well in the end because the rain stopped in time, and there was a cool breeze that enveloped the place as they said their vows.


Pre-Wedding: Adrian & Pei Hwa


Two students, fated to meet at an induction camp in Port Dickson before starting their housemanship. It just so happened that they were the only two from the camp posted in Ipoh. It was natural that they started talking about work, going out for meals together (and movies!)… and soon, Pei Hwa began to sense that there was more than just a friendship blossoming here.

Unfortunately for Adrian, she told him the line that every guy hates to hear…”Let’s just be friends.”

He was crushed.

It soon became awkward and the movies and dinner dates stopped, except for the occasional hi and bye at the hospital. It must have been fate again, because 6 months later, they started talking to one another again, and he followed her along for a trip to Bangkok with some of her friends.

Adrian: I honestly didn’t really dare to confess after what happened a year ago… but somehow I just felt that chemistry we had together. So yeah just thought a trip or two with others might let me get to know her much better but despite that, still didn’t really want to get squashed like a ripe tomato again >_<. Until she got mad = P 

Pei Hwa: I really did get mad and didn’t talk to him or reply his messages for the whole day. Then after, he came and confessed. Somehow, we started dating but we didn’t remember when it was. So in the end, we decided to have our anniversary on the first Saturday of December. Hehe…

Then came our dreaded transfers and the beginning of long distance– I got posted to Manjung and him, Parit Buntar. I had never been in one and it didn’t work out for him in the past. Was difficult only being able to see each other once every 2 to 3 weeks, sometimes up to a month. At times we fought, usually I was the one who buckled, but he never gave up on me. But through it, I’d say we both learned to make sacrifices to keep our relationship going. 

Want to hear more of their story? Watch the video below!

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