Studio Portraits: Li-Ann

Li-Ann has big dreams and she is determined to make it happen. With the support of her mom, Lani and aunt, Zena, she’s embarking on a new and exciting journey to become a model.

When they came to us, of course we’re more than happy to help her fullfil this dream. She needed professional photos to create a comp card for a competition that she was going to be part of in the States, so I know I needed it to be perfect for her.

Shooting this set was a little out of my comfort zone – I am very used to the happy and fun kind of family portraits. This shoot required me to tell a story of her personality and at the same time, project her ability to adapt to the demands of the modeling world.

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Studio maternity portraits: Amanda & Ivan

Now that we have our own little convertible natural light + artificial light studio, I am really quite excited to do shoots here. It is definitely a challenge when you only have 4 walls to play with. Shooting in a studio gives you flexibility in the sense that it can be pouring outside but the shoot still carries on. It’s air-conditioned and comfortable. Tomorrow, I’ll be shooting my first boudoir studio shoot and I am looking forward to it!

Amanda and Ivan are no strangers to this blog… you might have seen her family photos here some time back. She’s a good friend of mine, and I was really pleased to do a portrait shoot for her. It’s been quite a while since I posted some maternity photos here. Incredibly, I know so many people who are pregnant this year and targeting to have a ‘dragon’ baby. So, in accordance to that theme, I’ll try to post a few more maternity shoots in this blog soon!

Amanda has since delivered a healthy and gorgeous baby girl that I have yet to meet. :) Congratulations to the both of you and enjoy parenthood!

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Studio Portraits: Kuan Family

Since we have moved in to our spanking new unit in SSTwo Mall, we have utilized the studio space quite well, I must say. We have done several shoots here, some of which are for our clients and for training. I had the opportunity to head a studio family portrait session for the lovely Kuan Family, who grabbed their slot during our April – May promo. They came in to the studio clad in white tops, except Helen, who come in gorgeous royal purple. I like this coordination- it makes her stand out. :) Here are some of my favourite shots for the shoot.

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Lifestyle Portraits Promo April-May 2012

It’s official! We’ve moved into our new studio at SStwo Mall, Petaling Jaya! Even though it’ll take a while to completely beautify it, we’re already pleased about how things look (complete with a spiral staircase as well!). Since we’re in this loving, sharing mood, we’re announcing a special promotional rate for all our lifestyle portraits packages for April and May 2012. Read on to find out more!

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Our Studio in SStwo Mall, PJ

This week has been an exciting one for me. Other than trying to sort out the details for the upcoming Bloom Workshops that’s happening this 10th and 11th March, photographing local celebrities like Cheryl Samad, Datin Umie Aida, Low Ngai Yuen amongst others for International Women’s Day, I am also finalizing all the details for the renovations of our little studio in SStwo Mall.

The structure is almost complete. Today, we have our lighting installed! I still have to get some curtains and furniture to make it more complete. As you can see, our spiral staircase doesn’t even have steps yet. But it’s all good! Once everything is done up, I’d love to invite all of you for a visit and I will make some coffee for you here and we can have a nice chat. With the launch of the studio, we’ll also be having some promotions, so keep a look out for it!