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A Parisian Pre-Wedding: Jun Ven & Adelene

It’s been more than 10 years since I got to know Jun Ven while studying in college. We had a group of mutual friends, and through the years, got to know each other better over mamak sessions, church, holidays like to Mulu caves and lots of other gatherings. He’s one steady, collected and easy going guy. Adelene, on the other hand, came into the picture a few years ago when she waltzed into Jun Ven’s working life as an intern in Maxis. I remember him telling me a long time ago that one of the things that attracted him to her was her chatty-ness! Yup, she’s sociable, is a kick-ass badminton player, and a driven person, especially when it comes to her career. She now helms the operations behind this amazing business venture called MyTeksi… if you are a regular taxi user, you should definitely find out more about it!

Since their wedding is this weekend, I thought I’d post a few images from their pre-wedding shoot as a prelude to the big day! And you guessed it right, their wedding is Parisian themed!

Congratulations, Jun Ven and Adelene! So happy for the both of you! Looking forward to the wedding this weekend… hope you managed to get some rest and are not too stressed with last minute preparation details!

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An Underwater Experience: The Wedding of Seng Yong and Adeline

Ok, we didn’t really get wet for this wedding. In fact, we were totally dry. But what was cool was the fact that the underwater world was brought to us instead, in the form of flowery seahorses, shells, treasure troves, starfish and more! Seng Yong and Adeline are avid divers and they love the sea. Together, they’ve ventured underwater to many locations within Malaysia, Fiji and Bali. So their underwater themed wedding was their way of sharing their love of the sea to the hundreds of guests that attended their wedding dinner. Natasha Khoo’s team from The Peak Xperience did an amazing job at decorating the hallway.

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Purple craze: Wedding of Chris & Li Yen

We laughed till our sides ached. It was a day when creativity met madness, and when friends dared to show their true colours. Chris and Li Yen’s wedding happened some time back, but I can’t help but share these images with the rest of the world. It was Olympics season and some of the heng tai games had an element of sport to it… namely synchronized swimming! Totally unique, completely fun, and we even got a little wet from all that splashing in the pool!

You might have seen Chris and Li Yen’s pre-wedding photos here on the blog before, and probably got a sense of their personality through the images. You can tell that they are a really fun loving couple and don’t mind doing silly things in front of the camera. Li Yen has a spunky personality and tells me that till today, they dispute about who invited who out to dinner first, especially on their first date!

Chris and Li Yen, though it’s been a few months since your wedding, I still laugh when I look at these images. It brings back good memories for us. All the best for the future as you settle in Australia… and keep in touch!

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Fuchsia Pink Wedding: Daniel & Keshia

In today’s society, getting married before the age of 25 is considered young.

“We need to save up enough money first” or “Let’s enjoy singlehood while we can!”

For Daniel and Keshia, these thoughts were never on their mind. They loved each other, ever since they were best friends at school, and they knew for a fact that they wanted to marry each other. Personally, I think it’s a great idea to get married young, especially when you know for sure that’s what you want. You have more years to build life together and you don’t keep each other waiting for too long!

Daniel and Keshia, we had an awesome time at your wedding. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Loved the fact that you wanted us to ‘highlight’ your height differences… not to hide it, but to make it obvious! Haha… the both of you are absolutely fun loving people and I am sure you’ll build a great marriage together, with God in the centre.

For the people viewing this blog post, be warned, I am not very good at cutting down the number of images in one post! And if you still want to see more images, there’s a slideshow too at the end of the post!

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A Star Wars themed wedding: Kell Jay & Siau-Wei

It’s not everyday you get to see Jedi knights, Darth Maul, and Darth Vader in a wedding (even if he’s a cake topper). We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at Kell Jay’s and Siau-Wei’s wedding, to see all the groomsmen dressed up in costumes, ready to rescue the princess, Siau-Wei. We had heaps of fun at this wedding with lots of unexpected twists and turns as the day unfolded. Kell Jay and Siau-Wei wow-ed us during the evening dinner reception as they danced into the ballroom (and by dance, I mean, professional standards, as Kell Jay is a professional dancer!). Their first dance was nothing I had seen before, and for the first 10 seconds of them dancing, I almost forgot to click the shutter. I totally enjoyed it. Loved the fact too that their wedding dinner reception was really personalized with Siau-Wei’s sisters giving a song performance, and lots more!

You’ll see more in their wedding video highlight which we’ll post later, but today, here are some of my favourites from their wedding. Don’t forget to view their same day video and photo slideshow at the end of this post for more images.

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