Rustic Pre-Wedding shoot with a VW Kombi: Eu Jin & Samantha

Her idea of a perfect day would be to cuddle in on a rainy day with a good book and a cup of latte. Ideally, next to the beach with the sound of waves breaking softly in the distance. His idea of a perfect day would be an early morning cappuccino followed by a good game of golf. And then enjoying a Rambo or Indiana Jones movie while dreaming of traveling to Africa one day and thinking of how to adopt a white tiger as a pet.

Together, they love to daydream about the future and talk about how to train their future white tiger pet. This is probably done over a Zinger burger meal at KFC! When they are not watching the sports channel on Astro, they are probably traveling the world seeing as much as they possibly can!

What a cute couple Eu Jin and Samatha are. Jamie and I truly enjoyed photographing their pre-wedding shots, and I am sure Chi Yin enjoyed herself too while shooting the behind the scenes video that you can see here. On the day of the shoot, it was raining at Sekeping Tenggiri and we weren’t sure if it would be raining too at UPM. But we took the risk and it was a perfect day which ended in a gorgeous sunset.

Smurfette, our resident VW kombi made an appearance too at the shoot! I am glad that I managed to drive it without any problems! Was worried about driving this manual car that has absolutely ZERO power steering. But all was good, and we had an awesome time.

Eu Jin and Sam, can’t wait for the wedding!


Behind the Scenes Video: Eu Jin & Samantha’s Prewedding

Our aim at every pre-wedding shoot is to relax and just have fun! For Eu Jin and Samantha’s pre-wedding, we headed to Sekeping Tenggiri and UPM. It rained just after we completed the shoot at Sekeping Tenggiri but thank God the weather held up while we were at UPM. One of the biggest challenges for me during this shoot was to drive our resident VW kombi, Smurfette to UPM. My short legs and lack of arm muscles posed a problem on the road (especially when doing 3 point turns with this non-power steering manual vehicle!), but thank God we survived!

Really had lots of fun too with Jamie assisting. And of course, this video wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Chi Yin who filmed and edited the video.

We will be posting the photos from the pre-wedding shoot at a later stage, so keep a look out for it!

Photographers: Grace & Jamie
Videographer: Chi Yin
Locations: Sekeping Tenggiri & UPM
Hair & Make Up: Angie Ng
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White
Flowers: Floristika

Old Shanghai Themed Wedding: Jason & Kim

20141129_WEDDING_JASON_KIM_096020141129_WEDDING_JASON_KIM_0963Red is the colour of passion… love… strength and beauty. I just love how much red there is in this wedding! If there’s one person whom you’d trust to style your wedding, it’d be Kim. She not only has good taste, but is great at making ideas come alive.¬†From Kim’s unconventional wedding gown and red veil to her striking red Lewre shoes, everything is so perfectly colour coordinated. There’s also a different touch to Kim’s styling with a traditional hair piece added to the look. Not only that, there’s hot pink umbrellas and a gorgeous bouquet too! The colours just pop off the screen!

I remember my conversation with Kim during the wedding, and she told me, if she had to do something, she’d go all the way!

During the dinner, their Old Shanghai themed stage and photobooth blew me away. I love the details that went into the planning of this wedding. One week later, Jason and Kim had a totally different wedding altogether… it was a rustic themed wedding at Tanarimba! It wasn’t just the creativity at this wedding that fueled my energy to be creative too, I really felt the excitement from the both of them, including all the friends who were present that day.

I appreciate how Jason and Kim have extended their friendship to us and that in just a short time, I felt as if I’ve known them for years. Some people just make you feel so loved!

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Pre-Wedding in the Forest: Daniel & Rachel

When we first met Daniel and Rachel, they were rather nervous about the shoot. Both of them are admittedly camera shy and according to Rachel, Daniel doesn’t know how to smile for the camera. They brought along their friends, Aaron and Chrystin (who happened to be our previous clients), to help with the shoot. However, despite being camera shy, both Daniel and Rachel were naturals in front of the camera and they were so much fun to shoot! Daniel was constantly cracking jokes and making everyone laugh that it felt like we were hanging out with some friends instead of doing a photoshoot.

Daniel and Rachel are like the best of friends. Even after 10 years of courtship, they still amuse one another and make each other laugh. What amazed me most though, was that at the age of 17, Daniel already knew he wanted to marry Rachel someday. Talk about true love!

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Mad Men-Inspired: Pre-wedding of Jonathan & Jacinda

Honestly, I’ve not watched a single episode of Mad Men. But the images are so iconic of the 60s and styled so well that it encourages photographers all over the world to do Mad Men-inspired shoots. When Jon and Jacinda mentioned about doing a Mad Men-styled shoot, I excitedly said yes. With a few challenges ahead of me (like for example, both Jon and Jacinda are Asian, we photographed at the Westin, KL), I had to figure out how to pose and create a mood that would portray the look we wanted to achieve. Thought of some ‘parody’ shots too and discussed with Jacinda’s wedding planner Mun Tzin about the types of props that we would need.

So here’s my little take on a Mad Men-inspired shoot for Jon and Jacinda. Hope you like the images!




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