Alan & Pink Kee’s Creative Wedding

Photographers: Grace & Mark
Make Up & Hair: Gene Lim
Wedding Gown Boutique: Liz Bridal
Dinner Reception: Cyberview Lodge
Dinner Entertainment: Mosaic
Wedding Cake: A Taste Boutique

Alan and Pink Kee’s wedding is filled with fun and creative details… all thanks to Alan’s sister Melissa. Since Alan and Pink Kee reside overseas, most of the wedding planning fell into the hands of Melissa. I love being surprised at a wedding, but in a good way, of course! And you’ll soon see what I mean in the images below…

When I got to Pink Kee, the first thing that struck me about her was her spunky character. She’s fun, easy to get along with and has a great sense of humour!

Besides the joy of shooting at the lovely Terasek Brickhouse, my heart skipped a beat when the groom arrived in this vintage car that belonged to his brother-in-law.

And guess what? His entire family and entourage wore the same customized t-shirt that said “Team Alan”!

Since most chee muis want a BIG ang pow… guess what was prepared?

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Pre-Wedding: Eddie & Ming Ee

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Alex
Wedding Gown / Cheongsam / Shoes: Pretty in White
Make up and hair: Mel Chew

When a gentleman opens the car door for you (a rare breed nowadays!) and buys flowers for you on your first date, you have confidence that he knows how to treat a woman well. That was Ming Ee’s experience as she went on her first date with Eddie. Their first encounter was at the college where she was studying. He was a counselor then, and she was helping out at the college during her semester break. Soon, Eddie left for another organization, but it was the days when ICQ and Friendster ruled the world. And so they kept in touch. One thing led to another, and then they became an item.

Three years later, Eddie left for the UK and Ming Ee went to Singapore. Two years of long distance relationship soon made them realize that they wanted to spend their years together, not apart. It was during their holiday in Barcelona that Eddie decided to pop the question…

And the rest, they say, is history.

Or rather, shall I rephrase, the beginning of history. Eddie and Ming Ee tied the knot recently and I had the privilege of shooting their pre-wedding photos.

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Meaningful objects

I guess I am a little sentimental. These things make me feel a little sad. You see, it reminds me of the past. Of laughter, sadness, anger, love… all the emotions that were experienced in this home. And then it brings my thoughts to the present. And what life is really like right now.

I visited my old home in Malacca today. It’s been empty for almost a year now. My parents have moved up to KL since it is no longer feasible for them to live on their own. But when I opened the doors and stepped onto the dusty floor of my living room, I felt as if time had just stood still. Everything was there where it was left months ago. The towel still on the chair, the toothpaste at the sink, the old Maggi mee that I had to throw away, photos of my family…

It was just there.

As if waiting for someone to claim them back.

It is inevitable. My siblings and I need to make the time to pack up the old things and sell the house, but there’s been many memories of this place and I’ve always called it home. But life is temporal and things change.

So, it is time to move on.

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Jack & Sze Hwa Marries!

Photographer: Grace
Make Up & Hair: Charlie from Michelle Touche team
Wedding gown (Princess cut with sash) & Evening shoes: Pretty in White
Wedding gown (Mermaid cut) & Evening Gown: That Special Occasion
White lacy shoes: Tang’s Studio
Jack’s suit: The Lord’s Tailor
Flowers: My Bridal Florist
Location: Dusun Garden Fairies & Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya

But not yet… not till January 2011 when they vow to be true to each other in good times or in bad, in sickness and in health. The title of this post was taken from their wedding website, designed beautifully to look like the New York Times report. I love it when I see websites like these because it shows how creative the couple is and how much they care about the little details that go into their wedding day.

And so it was natural that during the pre-wedding session with Jack and Sze Hwa, there were lots of yummy details that went into the shoot. Hwa said she wanted a picnic theme… and so she brought an amazing array of props to the shoot! The picnic basket was even prepared and sewn by Jack’s mother! Talk about dedication.

Jack & Hwa have both known each other since secondary school but they were just acquaintances back then. In school, she thought he was a bit of a geek and he thought she was just another (annoying) junior in his school!

This is their story…

Well…. Years went by and we lost contact.  She went to Ireland to continue her studies and he on the other hand, left for Australia.  However, during one of our summer holidays back in June 2003, we bumped into each other while we were dining with our parents in Overseas Restaurant, PJ! That day changed everything! We started to keep in touch and this continued on even when she was back in Ireland and he, in Australia! We talked on the phone EVERYDAY and would wake each other every morning (possible then due to different time zones!).  So this continued on for 7 years.  Yes, we have been doing the much dreaded long-distance relationship for that long.  This has improved tremendously since she moved to Singapore ‘coz at least we now were at the same time zone.

We guess the thing that kept us both together for so long despite the distance was that we have always been able to talk about everything and anything and our passion for travelling (here, there and everywhere!), food (you have to see our collection of food pictures) and Moleskines =) !

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Shanghai Love: Yee Jenn & Kristin

Photographer: Grace
Make Up & Hair: Michelle Touche
Cheongsam: Emerald Brilliant
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White

Last year, I traveled to Egypt with my husband Alex, his sister, Sarah and her good friend Kristin. Though I have known Kristin for quite a few years, it was only during this trip that I got to know her a lot better. That’s when I discovered that Kristin does not really like to be outdoors, and that she must have chocolates everyday. Like EVERYDAY. We had fun during our trip, and this year, I had the pleasure of shooting her pre-wedding photos, and soon, wedding as well.

Yee Jenn loves photography and he was really excited about the shoot. I was thrilled when they came up with the idea of shooting in an old cafe with a Shanghai theme! This famous cafe, called Yut Kee Coffee Shop, belonged to Kristin’s uncle, so permission granted, we headed over to the heart of KL for a fun time. On a normal working day, you would have a hard time finding a table to sit at, but the entire shop was closed that day so we had the whole space to ourselves!

Kristin has watched many, many episodes of America’s Next Top Model, so she knew exactly what she had to do to come up with a great pose! And boy, did they pose! The both of them look so good together!

Do you know the kaya rolls here are the best? It’s just sooooo delicious! Needless to say, we ate the props after the shoot!

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