Wedding on Redang Island: Frank & Demi

Photographers: Grace & Alex
Hair & Make Up: Grace Wang
Location: Laguna Redang Island Resort

Redang is an island paradise. It promises turquoise seas that meet deep blue skies, soft sand under your feet, and lots of friendly fishes that eat from your hand. It’s also a diver’s den, because there are loads of beautiful dive sites around Redang Island and Perhentian Island. I have fond memories of Redang because it was there that I did my first ever snorkeling trip – almost 8 years ago now. I was just amazed at the beauty under the sea… I couldn’t help but feel in awe at God’s creation! Though I came home sunburnt (my butt was more burnt actually… it was quite buoyant haha), I told myself that I must visit those islands again some day. That experience drove me to get my diving licence a few years later.

In August, I received an email from Frank who said he was going to have a beach wedding in Laguna Redang Island Resort. Though my calendar was already quite packed, I couldn’t resist shooting another beach wedding. Frank & Demi are from Chengdu, China. I was a little concerned about the language barrier since my Mandarin is worse than kindergarten standards. But after a few conversations with Frank on the phone, I said yes, packed my bags, and went to Redang with Alex. When I reached there, I found out that Demi doesn’t speak much English but somehow with loads of body language, a smattering of English and my kindergarten Mandarin, we managed to communicate. (actually I just said piao liang most of the time!)

During our first meeting, I asked Frank how many guests would be at the wedding. And he said, “Just the 2 of us.”

I was surprised. He must have seen that look on my face for he then started to explain about how Demi had always dreamed of having a beach wedding. This wedding ceremony at Redang was just for them. Their family and friends would celebrate a month later in a grand banquet in China, attended by 700 guests.

Frank must really love Demi because he made her dream a reality.

And so to date, Frank & Demi’s private wedding is the smallest wedding I’ve ever photographed in terms of number of people.


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It’s been 5 years already!

It was the morning of our 5th anniversary and I awoke violently only to realise it was still early in the morning. The whispers of us saying “I do” from 12 August 2006 were brought back to mind, while I, still in bed, planned our anniversary celebration.

“Gas stove, frying pan, spatula, sleeping bag, tent, box of tissue” (and lots more), were added to my iPhone shopping list, while Grace continued to breathe heavily, enjoying her slumber. I had yet to tell her what we would be doing to celebrate our 5th year together but intended to keep it a secret till the last possible moment.

That evening, we left the office a couple of hours earlier, rushed home, and started to pack the car with the list of items I had meticulously detailed on my phone. It was then that I told Grace, “We’re going camping!” and like the perfect adventurous wife, she was enthused to go, instead of uttering a dreaded, “WHAT? But it’s hot… there will be mosquitoes”.

Reversing out of the driveway, we headed to the modern day market – Carrefour, to get our meats for dinner and some snacks, then proceeded to drive to Bagan Lalang beach at Sepang, a mere few minutes away from the new Golden Palm Tree Resort. Unfortunately, it was already rather dark by the time we arrived. We chugged down the beach with our belongings, under a slight drizzle and quickly pitched the tent with only a torch to guide and an umbrella for shelter.

Thankfully, my years of service at Outward Bound School came to good use, and before long, we were dry, safe and warm in the tent. We began with an entree of sushi, since it was still too wet to cook outside. An hour later, the rain subsided and our portable gas stove was started – we then cooked 2 slabs of lamb beneath the stars while listening to the calming sound of waves.

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Four Seasons, Langkawi: Wilbur & Helen’s Wedding

Photographers: Grace & Johan
Location: Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi
Wedding Gown: After Twelve
Groom’s attire: Dolce & Gabbana, Italy
Make up & Hair: Grace Wang
Decorations & Flowers: Darling Florist
Stationery: White Satin Wedding Stationery, UK
Cake: Four Seasons Resort
Videography: Wedding Story
Dinner Entertainment: Mix N Match, Azlan Nair

She waited 3107 days for him to propose. And propose he did, on the 18th of September 2010.

3338 days since they started dating, they officially registered their marriage at the Old Chelsea Town Hall in Kings Road, London.

And precisely 3388 days since their first date, Wilbur & Helen were married on the beautiful beach at Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi.

Helen was new to London. She had moved from Coventry to start her new job at KPMG London in 2001. Wilbur was new to KPMG too, and since both needed to look for a place to stay, it was fate that connected them together via a simple email. Wilbur asked Helen, “Are you still looking for a flatmate?” Helen had already sorted her accommodation by then, but they continued communication via email and MSN.

Two months later, she was surprised to discover that Wilbur was in the same department and team as her! Wilbur was kind enough to bring Helen around London, and soon, love developed.

Wilbur & Helen love traveling, especially if the place has a gorgeous scenery. There’s only one other place apart from Venice that they have been back twice, and that is Langkawi. They love this charming town (I love it too!). Because of their love of traveling, they decided to name their reception tables according to the places they’ve visited and had many happy memories – Maldives, Venice, Santorini, Hallstatt, Mauritius and Cornwall.

The other theme at their wedding which was really apparent were the butterflies and cats. Helen sourced all over UK and Malaysia for this particular shade of pink, and also custom made this wedding invite. I love the little kitty stamp too! I was told that the black cat looks pretty much like their beloved cat Milo, who had to be left in London while they came to Malaysia for the wedding. I was amazed when I heard that Wilbur drove 45km away from his home to put their cat Milo in a special cat hotel – the only one that had a webcam and internet connection! So while in Langkawi, I had a peep via the internet at Milo, who was sleeping in his little hotel room.

I found out that Helen is a detailed and meticulous person the moment she met me for the first time months ago. As she opened her folder with cut outs of images that she liked, she shared with me the plans for her wedding. I knew it was going to be a wedding filled with lovely details. On top of that, I found out that there were only 50 guests, which is absolutely small by Malaysian standards! She said that she wanted the wedding to be an intimate affair, attended by the people dearest to them. These guests flew all the way from KL, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria as well as London to be there for the wedding!

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DIY Wedding, Sails on the Bay, Melbourne: Jamie & Ann

Photographers: Grace & Alex
Location: Sails on the Bay, Melbourne
Decorations: Ann, Jamie, friends and family who laboriously worked on it

One week after Jamie & Ann’s beautiful chapel wedding in the Gold Coast, Alex and I traveled to Melbourne for her next wedding celebration. It was held at Sails on the Bay, very near Brighton beach (which I later managed to have a peek at… and did some of my own posing in front of those famous colourful Brighton beach houses). The amazing thing about this wedding in Melbourne was that everything was DIY – well, everything except the food and cake. So be prepared for a huge post on details!

Look at this gorgeous venue. I love it how the pre-wedding, wedding in Gold Coast and now Melbourne had a beach theme running through it. Sigh, I wish Malaysian skies looked this good!

Do these flowers and vases look familiar? They were used during the pre-wedding too! All the decorations you see at this wedding were a labour of love. Even Ann’s parents had a hand in it, cutting fresh flowers to put into the vases that Ann purchased before the wedding.

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